My First EATALY Visit was…

The craze for the newly opened EATALY in Los Angeles caused such a stir they had to close it for the day to reassess how best to proceed. Which makes for even more demand to go and see the location on Santa Monica Boulevard and experience the concept of all sorts of eateries under one roof.  Something that’s been long done  in Seattle, Montreal, Lisbon, and Rome – naturally these are all the locations I’ve had the pleasure to visit and experience probably one of the best of food and spirit.  The concept is also in the San Francisco Ferry Building, and the EATALY style opened years ago, is in the Twitter building on Market Street and 9th if you want to check it out while you are in town.  The funny thing is once you eat there, or make a date with friends to meet up  for drinks and amazing foods, you literally become a repeat customer.

Have you been to EATALY in New York, or LA or something similar elsewhere you wish to share? Do tell.

Also, wanted to ask – what do you think of the new Tiffany’s Restaurant and the concept of Breakfast INSIDE Tiffany rather than the familiar Audrey Hephburn stroll one early morning while window shopping at the famous store.


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