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Food: The Best Ideas For When You Crave

I’m always craving the weirdest things…wait…let me clarify. I crave things at the weirdest times of the day. For example, I sometimes want to it a insalata caprese in the morning, or crave dessert just before dinner, raw peanuts or almonds at midnight, and even Chinese food at 9:00 in the morning. So, to feed my cravings when they hit, I look for interesting variations on prepping the usual.

Just thought I put that out there…nothing interesting. Just that it’s Friday and I’m itching to leave for my day-trip – see here:

In the meantime, check these out:

Best Caprese Salad – click here

Chillin’ grapes I’ve done for years. Love love love the consistency and apparently this author agrees.

Almond Torte I kinda have a weakness for. Even if it’s best to simply eat the raw almonds instead. But sometimes…

Chinese dry-fried string beans are my favorite side dish to any protein I order. I have actually mastered making the dish at home too.

easy to make ‘dessert’ that isn’t full of carbs, sugar and butter. I usually make this and store in jars, and keep it in the refrigerator for when I need to stress-eat my way out of LIFE.

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