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Lifestyle: Photography Colors To Set The Mood

I took the train from Sacramento to San Francisco on Sunday, after I went up to the area for a small break from the freezing cold temps in my neck of the neighborhood – by the ocean, where its been foggy and ugly, and pretty down depressing with all-time grays.

I tend to forget how the weather plays on my mood, and during the summer months in the city,  I find myself not at all inspired. So, I escape once in while in search of sun, green, and colorful flowers. In this case  up to the Sacramento-Roseville area, well technically further into the country, for some sun and to hang out with my favorite dogs – dogsitting.

Normally I drive up, but this time I shared a ride with someone going up there, and then took the train back.  Along the way,  I snapped a few photographs. which I enhanced to more dramatic hues and sharpness, again craving colors. I figured these photos would keep me going through the foggy nonsense in San Francisco until early October when we experience our Indian Summer.

unnamed (4)

Leaving Sacramento, over the bridge of some sort. I love this photo

unnamed (8)

Bouganvillas my all time favorite bright flowers in full bloom along the side of the tracks

unnamed (7)

If we can only see colors as brilliant as these in real life

unnamed (6)

Part of an old abandoned mill near Benicia

unnamed (5)

complexity of tracks and wires


A glimpse of the city from the connection bus ride Emeryville Train station to San Francisco bus depot. See the ugly fog in the background, that’s where I live.

unnamed (1)

Over the Bay Bridge, a shot of Treasure Island, I’ve always found intriguing for some strange reason.

unnamed (2)

I’m almost home

unnamed (3)

Sunny waterfront for the tourists of course – Nice play San Francisco

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