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Lifestyle: Photography Colors To Set The Mood

I took the train from Sacramento to San Francisco on Sunday, after I went up to the area for a small break from the freezing cold temps in my neck of the neighborhood – by the ocean, where its been foggy and ugly, and pretty down depressing with all-time grays. I tend to forget how the weather plays on my mood, and during the summer months in the city,  I find myself not at all inspired. So, I escape once in while in search of sun, green, and colorful flowers. In this case  up to the Sacramento-Roseville area, well technically further into the country, for some sun and to hang out with my favorite dogs – dogsitting. Normally I drive up, but this time I shared a ride with someone going up there, and then took the train back.  Along the way,  I snapped a few photographs. which I enhanced to more dramatic hues and sharpness, again craving colors. I figured these photos would keep me going through the foggy nonsense in San Francisco until early …

photography by a blogger

These days there is no clear definition of great photography since anyone, and everyone dabbles in the hobby or not. As long as a photograph touches someone, or inspires them in some way and speaks volumes just by the image shot through a lens, it’s an effective piece of artwork, for sure at first glance. I’ve taken photoraphs since my father bought me my first camera at eleven, so I have always carried a camera with me wherever I went. Not so much since my iPhone (I know), but I haven’t stopped taking photographs no matter what. Here are some images I captured while walking about San Francisco’s SOMA district during my lunch hour. Eco-Friendly City