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Every year around this time – always nearing September – I feel a little uninspired, and overly emotional. I think it’s the impending season change. I rectified this problem  in recent years with a two-week trip to Europe  – the first part of September. Which helped in the transition of changing seasons and all. This year however, I won’t be doing that. Instead I am going to stay local, and take a very short trip down to Los Angeles to unwind and reflect – planning how 2015 would pan out. Yes, one may believe it’s too early but not for me. I have way too much to do next year, and need to plan.

In the meantime, I try to stay a little distracted, by writing, working on my third novel, and by finding photos online to help me escape. This photo, although not my decor style, for some reason put a smile on my face. Perhaps because it reminded me of my aunt’s house in South of France – whimsical, light, airy and very Monet. A room I can actually see myself nestled on the sofa with my dog, reading book after book, without a care in the world…

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