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Intrigued By Design

As I gather ideas for home and garden, and finally begin the planning stages on how to renovate, I cannot help but feel utterly inspired by the old, the distressed, and the neutral of colors. Source

Decor: A Paris Apartment Reminder of A Past Life

I once had an aunt, well not really a biological one, but her sister was married to my uncle – and so she was an aunt by marriage. My parents were close to them, I suppose they were able to develop a solid friendship over the years, and so we would visit them often. Which happened to be my favorite of things to do when I was a child. Visit the ‘aunt who lived across the street from a central park’ in a far far away land. And her house was a museum, a French one, I did not realize until I frequented Paris and got a glimpse into past all the tourist stuff. This decor is a replica of all things their mansion, perched across the street from a central park.  

Decor: Sidetracked to Decor

I don’t just travel to see the world. I travel to see how the rest of mankind decorates. 🙂 Yes I did just come up with this bit. But only to lead into how much of my travels is spent  on analyzing, appreciating and taking from the beautiful decor choices created around the globe. Here’s a glimpse of what I am talking about designed by a handful of decorators:      

something’s going on

Every year around this time – always nearing September – I feel a little uninspired, and overly emotional. I think it’s the impending season change. I rectified this problem  in recent years with a two-week trip to Europe  – the first part of September. Which helped in the transition of changing seasons and all. This year however, I won’t be doing that. Instead I am going to stay local, and take a very short trip down to Los Angeles to unwind and reflect – planning how 2015 would pan out. Yes, one may believe it’s too early but not for me. I have way too much to do next year, and need to plan. In the meantime, I try to stay a little distracted, by writing, working on my third novel, and by finding photos online to help me escape. This photo, although not my decor style, for some reason put a smile on my face. Perhaps because it reminded me of my aunt’s house in South of France – whimsical, light, airy and very …