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holiday decorating tradition

While most people run to the stores the day after Thanksgiving (in America that is) to shop until they drop “literally,” I, along with my family, decorate the house for Christmas.

It’s been a tradition in our household for years, to wake up, not to early and  have a hearty  breakfast. Afterwards, while sipping our morning coffees, decorate the entire house whilst still in our pajamas.  It’s actually an amazing feeling and probably the most fun the entire clan has together and afterwards, maybe, go to the mall or just stay home and watch classic movies and nibble on popcorn :). What can I say, I am most sentimental during the holiday season.

{Borrowed Photographs}

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  1. This is what we have always liked to do! Didn’t get to it this year (I had other things that occupied my time), but we plan to get started midweek through this weekend. Love these photos! Saw them on the other blog too! Happy Holidays!

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