Thanksgiving Decor
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thanksgiving day thanks from an american

Every year we begin with optimism and hope and set some goals for ourselves to stir up positive thinking. Yet as the year unfolds, we are faced with so many difficulties or challenges, that we not only forget the optimism and hope, but find ourselves constantly struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

However, although that may be the case, we should take a moment on Thanksgiving Day, if not at least once a week, to say thanks to our family members for being with us through thick and thin, for the soldiers who are abroad keeping us safe, for volunteers who dedicate their time in making someone happy, for organizations who truly support a good cause, for retailers who offer give back programs for the needy, for all those  who have become conscious about saving our beautiful planet and for all the amazing pets who keep us going, even when the going is tough.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving

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  1. mauricio says

    You are so right! Let’s pause and give thanks for the people, the pets and the things in our lives that keep us going, no matter how small or little this positives may be.


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