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never mix paint with pleasure

Just in case you are scratching your head with the title, I must explain why I chose it.

You see, I have a weird appreciation for painting various areas of a home and feel painting should be a pleasure rather than a chore. I love discussing the options, I enjoy chosing the paint color, the brushes and various other gadgets to handle the project and most of all I truly enjoy rolling up my sleeves and diving right into it.

However, when the actual project begins, the fun can sometimes turn into a sad occassion, especially when you realize the outcome isn’t  as wonderful as you had hoped.

Take for example our attempts to paint the kitchen cabinets. Although we spend several hours consulting with the paint experts at Home Depot (in this case) and followed their suggestions on how to proceed, the mid-way result has been a bit worrysome to say the least.

We were told to prime the cabinets and then paint over them. Which made sense. We were also told that High Gloss looks the best (which I can visualize) and one coat would cover the cabinets. However, after priming the cabinets with white primer and then painting the first coat, we realized that white primer was really not the best choice for dark paint. So, after three coats of paint, we haven’t seen the results we were hoping for.

So, we consulted with a handyman and was advised that high gloss paint was hard to work with and it is the worst when trying to cover blemishes, so he recommended we use a roller to do two more coats and see how that turns out and if we aren’t satisfied at that point, to do one more coat with high sheen paint.

Ok, we nodded and agreed to follow his instructions, so stay tuned to see how it all turns out in the end.

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