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decor: minimalism for the artist at heart

I have to admit the bedroom in the first photograph is fascinating, a romantic hideaway for the artist at heart, and just in case modern is your style, I’ve included other spaces I adore. You know, to share 🙂 {source click here}

interior decor: eclectic styles

There is always room in my life to remodel or change the decor somewhere in the house, keeping life exciting and a little unsettled. I like that 🙂 and although some find my approach a little threatening, I think it’s refreshing. With that said, the latest interior decor likes I’d like to consider for my open space loft: {photo sources click here}

interior decor: areal rugs in full bloom

Ever since I’ve been on the kick to redecorate my studio apartment, I have fallen in love with everything available to make my dwelling my very own work of art.  I had forgotten how wonderful it is to decorate, revamp, recharge, redo and since I finally got my very own kitchen, I am slowly piecing the place together to make it a permanent home for a while. Areal rugs are  a must in my opinion, it not only ties in your room’s decor, but also feels good against, well in this case, my feet. Here are some of my favorites to ponder over while I decide on re-arranging the space.

beautifully simple interior decor

First weekend of Fall and we, meaning San Francisco, experienced our first rain-ish  of weather the season. You know what? I didn’t mind it a bit, because it gave me the chance to stay indoors and clean up and believe it or not get inspired about my writings. This time of year I tend to shift my attention to warm and cozy indoor places and daydream about Parisian lifestyles. So, of course, it’s no wonder I cam across some visuals here, which remind me of just that.

an apartment floor plan with character

A floor plan, well at least for me, has to flow just right before I can consider it a home. The most important musts:  huge windows (French Doors if at all possible), well lit,  hardwood floors, a kitchen with character and aesthetically pleasing color coordination throughout the entire apartment. So, with that said,  I am hoping to find an apartment  with all the characteristics and charming details as in the collage of photos I put together above.

never mix paint with pleasure

Just in case you are scratching your head with the title, I must explain why I chose it. You see, I have a weird appreciation for painting various areas of a home and feel painting should be a pleasure rather than a chore. I love discussing the options, I enjoy chosing the paint color, the brushes and various other gadgets to handle the project and most of all I truly enjoy rolling up my sleeves and diving right into it. However, when the actual project begins, the fun can sometimes turn into a sad occassion, especially when you realize the outcome isn’t  as wonderful as you had hoped. Take for example our attempts to paint the kitchen cabinets. Although we spend several hours consulting with the paint experts at Home Depot (in this case) and followed their suggestions on how to proceed, the mid-way result has been a bit worrysome to say the least. We were told to prime the cabinets and then paint over them. Which made sense. We were also told that High Gloss looks the …

first stop: condo kitchen sprucing up

First decision was to tackle the kitchen. His wish, of course, was to remodel the entire kitchen. Mine, was to reface, nip and tuck and voila a brand new look without spending the big bucks. Since the area is a small 6×9 galley style kitchen, I wanted to go with white paint for the cabinets in order to brighten up the small, dark space. However, knowing his taste in dark furnishing, I agreed to paint the cabinets a deep dark brown instead, using the below photo as my gage on how it will turn out once done painting. Stay tuned for photos of the before and after, coming your way shortly

the inspiration of window seats in decor

I don’t know what it is about window seats, but I love them. I suppose it is because I love to write and read and window seats are not only ideal for both hobbies, but they can be inspirational as well. For example, my favorite of course is the featured photo (above) but then again, I wouldn’t mind the rest below this section:

herringbone pattern hardwood floors – a san francisco lifestyle

The beauty of living in a wonderful city like San Francisco is that you can actually choose to live in a Victorian or Edwardian style building with its original hardwood floors,  from the late 19th to early 20th century, still intact. I don’t know about you, but no matter how flooring suggestions evolve through the centuries, there is nothing more appealing than hardwood floors – especially if it’s distressed  herringbone design or pattern – throughout the home. So, just in case you disagree or are wondering what herringbone pattern is, just take a look below and then let me know what you think?