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studio apartments and small living spaces

Ever since I downsized my lifestyle (last year), I must say  I am the most content person as far as my living space. Just to help you understand, I went from a 3300 square foot home in the country to a 597 square foot studio apartment in the city.

So you can imagine that while settling into this new lifestyle, at first I couldn’t help but feel crowded and claustrophobic and in order to survive I kept telling myself it was all temporary until I search for a bigger place.

But over the course of the year I grew to love my space and realized it has become the most inspirational place for my creative writing. So I decided to stay another year.

However, since I  decided to  make the studio my home for now, I wanted to personalize the decor. As usual I went to the internet for inspiration and found some photos of suggestions to consider. Let me know what you think?


  1. Hi, lot of work to downsize yes… I live in a studioflat only 210 sq ft… I had to downsize EVERYTHING.. But I feel I have finally made a home.

  2. MissLissa91 says

    Would love to know where to find a small corner dining set like that!

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