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Decor: What’s Not To Love

Not addressing current affairs here does not mean I am not struggling with our present environment. I am one of many who processes the right approach better when I am in an artistic element. Featured images source and full credit

Decor: High Rise Masterpiece

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Monday. Hope you had a lovely-enough weekend. I did nothing the entire weekend, except nurse a few really serious mosquito bites inflicted upon my body at the battle of my backyard on Wednesday last week.  Even through repellent, those annoying beasts feasted on me as if they’ve suffered a famine of sorts during COVID. So, as always, I am easing into Monday – with some beautiful decor style from a high-rise apartment in New York – which by the way, if I were to live in a glass-house such as this one in San Francisco, this is what it would look like. What style of home do you prefer?

Decor: Modern Bedrooms

I spent most of my time indoors over the weekend, lounging around, reading and cooking. The weather was pretty brutal in San Francisco, although nothing like in other places dealing with floods, ice storms, avalanches and other natural or otherwise disasters. But here, rain keeps the locals mostly indoors. At one point on Sunday I sat in front of my computer attempting to write a few chapters, and naturally I got sidetracked in so many other ways. I wish there was an off-switch to surfing the internet when in need of using the computer for work or school. But anyway, here’s what I found in terms of bedroom decor that had me thinking about revamping a room or two. and if you are wondering about the color trends for 2019 – click on photo below 

City Apartment Living

When I am away from home, travelling through the countryside somewhere in Europe, I dream of buying a cottage and simply existing. But then I get back home, to my city by the bay (San Francisco) I long to live in a high rise, with views from each room, making my space feel like living on a cloud.  Kind of like this:  

studio apartments and small living spaces

Ever since I downsized my lifestyle (last year), I must say  I am the most content person as far as my living space. Just to help you understand, I went from a 3300 square foot home in the country to a 597 square foot studio apartment in the city. So you can imagine that while settling into this new lifestyle, at first I couldn’t help but feel crowded and claustrophobic and in order to survive I kept telling myself it was all temporary until I search for a bigger place. But over the course of the year I grew to love my space and realized it has become the most inspirational place for my creative writing. So I decided to stay another year. However, since I  decided to  make the studio my home for now, I wanted to personalize the decor. As usual I went to the internet for inspiration and found some photos of suggestions to consider. Let me know what you think?