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handbag and shoes for the woman over 40

If there is anything I can say I am addicted to, even in midlife, is shoes and handbags. I can walk through department stores and browse through the selection of designer shoes and handbags, oh probably an entire day without feeling tired.

I know I am not alone in this, but choosing the right shoes and handbags for a woman over 40 could sometimes be very challenging. There is a certain protocol when you reach a certain time in your life and the shoes and handbags you select should compliment your maturity rather than hinder it.
A handbag should never be too big or too small and the handle should be designed so that when you carry it, it doesn’t seem like you are struggling. Sticking to pale colors in the summer is ideal and keeping with the blacks is appreciated in the winter months. Women over 40 should stay away from bright yellow or fuchsias and greens. If color is your thing, then stick to lavenders and power blues instead for spring and summer. Multi color handbags may seem interesting on the shelf but over your shoulder when overweight or paired with the wrong attire could be nothing but disaster. And the final note to keep in mind, please don’t hang your keys, cell phone or other gadgets from the strap of your designer purse.
Learning to carry it the right way is also key to success with designer bags and filling it to capacity and keeping the inside messy is simply unattractive and says more about you than you care to divulge. But if you must use the bag to haul around everything but the kitchen sink in, then organize the items in smaller travel bags or pouches.
As for shoes, know your limit, in heels that is. Having the appropriate heel inch is key to sexy legs without causing damage to knees and toes. Over 40 women need to make sure their shoes are comfortable enough in order to prance in them looking as sexy as ever, rather than struggle as if walking on hot coals.
Women with long toes should stay away from strappy shoes and consider peep toes instead or sling backs to get their strap fix. Buying a size too small is not very smart and most unappealing to the eye. Wearing the wrong shade, while matching a dress or a pair of pants, is a no no; and wearing the exact same purple as the dress or the pants is even more no no. Stay with neutrals if you are not sure and invest in several pairs of black shoes for sure.
So I guess, what I am trying to say is, be careful when you shop
for shoes and handbags and think twice about your purchase. If the shoe fits, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right buy, and if you are simply inlove with the color of the purse, then it probably is not the smart choice.

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