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pebbles and such

I love pebbles. I can honestly say that I prefer a collection of pebbles in my household more so than diamond  in my jewelry box. I often walk the ocean beach in San Francisco in search of unique pebbles and also shop home furnishing stores for bagged or boxed pebbles as well. This is probably an obsession of mine, but who cares, I am entitled to one or two.

I have canisters and glass vases full of them around the house and one day with the proper loft design I plan to incorporate pebbles into my living room space or along a long hallway either outdoor or indoor of an eco-friendly home. The most interesting thing I found about pebbles  is that a collection of them in a glass container goes with almost any neutral decor in any coastal city as well as, if arranged correctly most decors elsewhere.

Pebbles are also very easy to work with, whether you create your own design or purchase a ready-made design from a store. The possibilities are endless if you put your mind to it. Pebbles also come in different colors and shapes so you can mix and match to create the appropriate decor for any room.

The design in this photo comes to us from pebbles, jars, vases and candles purchased from Pottery Barn Retail or online. You can also find pebbles in  Pier 1 Imports, Cost Plus, Target, Wallmart as well as Michaels. They are sold in bags or weight so that you can actually create your own look. So next time you can’t figure out what theme to make a family room or a kids room consider pebbles for accessorizing.

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