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no mini skirt needed to feel sexy

I don’t consider my self too conservative when it comes to wearing skirts or dresses, but I do consider my limit when choosing the length of the skirt.

Sure, mini skirts are sexy and is intended, in my opinion, to stear attention from other parts of a woman’s body. But, a woman over 40, no matter how sexy and shaply should stay away from mini skirts. I don’t care how good they feel and look.

If I want to go for sexy, I choose a black knee (or just below) lenght pencil skirt and compliment it with a nice pair of high heels instead. I wear super sheer taupe stockings for evening time and go with au natural (bear legs) during the day unless my workplace requires me to wear stockings.

Mini Skirt: D&G Bouche Miniskirt $285.00 At Nordstrom
Pencil Skirt: Ingenuity Pencil Skirt $86.00 At Nordstrom

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