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t-shirt frenzy

Is it my imagination or t-shirts now a days are made of parchment paper? I understand the whole, let’s cater to the young and skinny as they are the ones who shop and spend money. Let us also make the clothes so that after one wear, you toss and buy another one. I get it, but…
For the woman over 40, that concept is not good enough. Women over 40 and mind you those with young children, need t-shirts that will withstand the test of ketchup stains, detergent and various other marks put on as a result of ongoing and everlasting chores.
So, while I have searched high and low for some good quality t-shirts I stumbled upon Eddie Bauer and their selection of “pretty good quality” adult t-shirts. Of course the sale they are having now also helps, but at least I know I can do my thing without being worried about the parchment look.

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