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you say chocolate and i say chocolat

Chocolate, of course is one of those things that “most” everyone and anyone loves and is probably addicted to.

Well on that note, I want to introduce my readers to Coco Bella Chocolate from San Francisco. It is probably the best northern California purveyor of the best chocolatiers from around the world.

The store design is a great representation of what you will experience while shopping and purchasing their quality chocolate. With white marble granite counters and dark mahogany cabinetry displaying the chocolate selection from around the world, it makes for a happy purchase. You walk around the glass display case selecting the pieces displayed by continent order, and the knowledgeable sales person walks along with you while holding a silver tray in order to collect your selections as you point to them.

By this point you already feel super special. Then of course you finalize your selection and walk to the register, where they ask if you want a brown or white satin ribbon on your exquisite blue box of chocolate and after you choose your ribbon color, they place your box in a see through bag and then secure it with their seal.

My suggestion for consuming the Coco Bella chocolate is that, when you take it home, you open a bottle of your favorite champagne on a Friday night, bypass dessert and go straight to the box of chocolate and consume it with a glass of the bubbly until the wee hours of the night while watching Breakfast at Tiffany or any of your favorite classic movies.

A personal size box of 5 pieces is about $10.00 and if you want to go crazy you can buy a pound of this good stuff for $25.00 or so. I highly recommend the experience with or without a loved one by your side.

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