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Weekend Recap – Part 2 – Sausalito Trails

Since the fog held steady over the Golden Gate Bridge, we decided to explore Sausalito – not that we haven’t been a million times. But we figured since it was sunny, warm and we did not really want to drive too far inland, we would park in the small town and walk to Baker Beach, (opposite direction) and then detour to the highest peek in Sausalito, and walk the winding roads, while taking in the views from a different elevation. So that’s what happened on Sunday.   After the wonderful walk, we sat in the park down below and simply soaked it all in – before heading back into the extreme fog and cold – and put on our winter clothes while considering turning on the heater.

what’s going on this week

It’s crazy how busy I’ve been this week, like most of you I am sure. The way I handle my busy schedule so not to stress is, detailing on a board all that I need to do both long-term and short, so I can cross off what’s completed from the list, making myself feel better in the meantime that  I’ve accomplished my tasks as planned. This coming week is no different and so here’s a list of some of the things I have planned:

mini vacation: vegas bound

I was so busy running around this past weekend, I forgot to blog and this morning, being Monday, I flew to Las Vegas to spend a couple of days celebrating my birthday and enjoying the company of a few extended family members. So, hang tight and stay tuned, I will bring you my version of Vegas shortly :).  After of course, I’ve had a chance to check in, refresh and venture out of my hotel.