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What We’re Loving This Wednesday

Last night a family member called in need of company while cooped up in a hotel room away from his home. For work naturally.  Usually he would joke and send interesting text messages, but his tone last night had me worried. So we engaged in conversation, him comparing mostly all the new ordinances being put in place for the state he lives in to the one we’ve mastered here in California – now going on six weeks or more in some places. By the end of the conversation he thanked us for being there for him and I reminded him to avoid panic, that everything will be okay. It’s a hardcore transition we are all going through, but one we need to see the good more than the bad so we can endure and come out the other end stronger than ever. Afterwards, I lay in bed, as usual reflecting on all the events that shaped the day, and I smiled, because I was more fixed on the positive, like these…

Monday Thoughts Of Beautiful Things

Hello…is it just me or does the news make you want to throw up? I think I have reached my limit with too much information and for the sake of my mental health and yours, wish to share some beautiful things to take off the edge. A random question – why is it that birds on a tree just outside your window fly away the second you aim your camera, even while otherwise remaining completely motionless? The Indoors The Outdoors   In The Details {featured image source here, here, here, here}