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Lifestyle: Self Reflection and Some Form of Exercise

In my efforts to remain positive, I find myself veering towards topics about lifestyle changes or if not for changes, then to learn to cope with all the things life has thrown in our direction. Do you believe self-reflection gives you a happier and a more successful life? If so, then here’s how you proceed. Consider tapping into your creative side, when feeling anxious during a period of isolation to effort a speedy recovery of any sort. How to recognize that you need a lifestyle change? Some helpful tips to consider while out and about during these worrying times – to completely adapt – even beyond today’s concerns. How to deal with anxiety in a nutshell – sheds some light on topics you may otherwise feel you cannot discuss with loved ones or friends for fear of being dismissed.

What Is Streaming Through My Head

At the end of each week, I summarize in my head all the things I managed to accomplish and those items still lingering.  With that list I try to see the good in all that I’ve done, and what I’ve learned from the bad things that happened and try hard not to repeat them.  And then I wonder if I am an oddball in the way I feel or think. That is until I am surrounded by folks in gatherings of sorts, when I realize we are all the same in the ways we think, do, feel, stress and even be happy about. This past week I attended several gatherings.  A farewell dinner for a very close co-worker. The Armenian Food Festival in San Francisco, and an employee appreciation lunch cruise around the bay area, and in those environments I was able to once again confirmed what I’ve known but choose to tune out about how we are all the same no matter the race, and culture and upbringing. To keep this topic very light …