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Health & Beauty: This and That

So many articles, so little time, I say about all that is offered up to better yourself, your appearance and even your outlook on life. I welcome them all and take from each suggestion whatever suits me. Or that I feel is obtainable. I don’t put too much pressure on myself to look more than I do. I prefer natural in all things makeup and hair color. Clothes I don’t go overboard – my closet, full of staple pieces and fashion that can be carried on throughout a few years, mixing and matching and creating my own simple style. I love how fashion has evolved now that we can actually wear flats to accentuate and feel sexy. Clothes have become more comfortable and consciously designed for the women on the go. I’ll elaborate more as time goes on – but for now, here’s my latest finds:    

healthy eating: the benefits of beets

I do everything in my power to eat healthy, even during the holidays, and although I am aware of the health benefits of most fruits and vegetables, it is always good to remind myself (ourselves) once in a while just to stay focused on eating healthy. One of my favorite vegetable is beets. However, the only way I prefer to eat them is if  they are freshly made. The canned version just doesn’t taste good.  The only trouble is they are a bit messy, so if you plan to boil, peel and cut them at home,  be careful as they tend to bleed into most anything. Beets are Low in calories, 1 cup of beets contains only about 60 calories and is cholesterol-free. It’s also a good source of dietary fiber and folic acid according to my favorite site here. Also here is a recipe I have tried at home and do recommend. Let me know what you think? prep time:10 min start to finish:1 hr 45 min makes:6 servings (2/3 cup each) Salad 4 …