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Wednesday Fun Facts – If You Are a Game of Thrones Fan

What do all these photos have in common – you might ask or not if you are otherwise busy with life or simply disconnected from this madness called the internet. Take a guess – and if you’ve lost your patience trying, proceed to read all about it here:

Easter Eggs Are Sometimes Luxurious

…According to this article I found yesterday, and although I haven’t really painted eggs for quite some time, I have the urge to embark on the project come the week before – you know adding my own take on the luxurious eggs below: On another note – have you ever watched a show that makes you laugh throughout? Well, this show has me in stitches with every scene. Would you ever consider taking an art class online? I am thinking about sketchbook Illustration…and I think it’s going to happen very soon.  What are you reading lately? If you’ve just finished a story or two, and are looking for a new read, consider this list of must-reads I recently took an online quiz to test my IQ or rather for the internet to guess my education level. I have to say I was dubbed as having PhD level knowledge but for the life of me, cannot seem to locate the quiz again.  So, here’s one similar that you might want to try – oh go on …

Friday Fun Facts or Just Some Things For Small Talk At A Cocktail Party

There is nothing worse than being invited to a get-together, then to simply stand in the corner, with drink in hand, and nod your head when the party-goers surrounding you are chit-chatting about nothings.  So, just before you put on your shoes to sprint out of your home and to that party, or maybe even while in Uber getting there, here’s some fun topics to bring up just to break the barrier, or disrupt the awkward quietness. Scientists Say That Being Forgetful Is Actually A Sign You are Unusually Intelligent. Why a 5 to 9 schedule will make you more successful then a 9 to 5. To debunk the controversy over Olive Oil. Tell them about the article you read in BBC about The Olive Oil The Romans Loved.  Money online points out Cheap Flights to Europe Right Now. Recite the best travel quotes you’ve seen here, if you happen to be around folks in the travel business. Discuss the science of Wanderlust from Conde Nast Traveler magazine you read. Entertainment talks: Matthew Weiner is …

thank you lady gaga for the nostalgia

I have to admit, I am a fan. Been one for years, appreciating Lady Gaga in all her glory, admiring her voice to no end. Recently, if you were following the headlines, she’d teamed up with Tony Bennett and the two of them came up with an album, oldies to be exact and the results, I have to say are not so bad. In fact, it’s well worth the download. Here’s a sample just in case you feel as nostalgic as I do sometimes, craving oldies.