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Decor: Ideas From Luxury Hotel

Let’s face it – you walk into a hotel room and your jaw drops – seeing the perfect decor just as the one you saw online, naturally setting the tone for your travels (hopefully in a good way) 🙂 When I was in my twenties, I often times chose a basic hotel, reasonably priced near the train stations since I was not only on a tight budget, but chose to stay only a day or two  in each city to maximize my month long vacation. Meaning, being near the train station help facilitate my crazy itinerary.  The interesting thing is, the more I travel throughout Europe,  the more I notice the hotels nearing the train stations have done an amazing job renovating their properties – not only their location most ideal still for me to this day, but the ambiance worth every penny. Okay, so with that little bit of intro, I love this article about stealing decorating ideas from hotels – which I do all the time.  

Decor: Home Library Or Not

Even in this e-this and that age, I still prefer bound books, stacked on a shelf somewhere in the house, giving me a warm and fuzzy feeling all over (yes I’m aware of the cliche)  But I know you understand what I mean – especially those who enjoy reading as much as I do. Anyway, recently a friend asked me how to turn one of her spare bedrooms into her library where she intends to place just one comfy chair and a lamp, she says so she could just escape. The ideas I shared with her are the following:

decor: rustic taste and a flare for french country design

I think if I had the means I would decorate my house differently every six months or so. But since reality dictates otherwise, I choose to decorate over time not really sticking to one style or another, and including everything that I makes me feel happy. With that said, here’s a few decor styles I’ve been slowly incorporating in my current state of transforming my studio-loft lucky for me attached to a beautiful garden: {source}

have you met fifi flowers?

There is nothing like clicking away at my keyboard and accidentally stumbling upon a website or a blog which simply lights up my face. I did just that when I came across, fififlowers blog here. The first thing that came to mind is, finally I found the artist I want to design my first novel cover and after flipping through her artwork, I definiately know she will be the one to design the cover. Check out some of my favorites and then click here to  hopefully see some of yours.