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eiffel tower in home decor

Oh what I would give to have a place with a view of the real Eiffel Tower (above photo) but since I haven’t figured out a way to do just that, I decided to include photos of  decorating ideas which may just help.  Let me know what you think?

decor: the do’s of art walls

Lately I have been looking at suggestions for art walls. Since I plan to live in an apartment type dwelling I think this decorating suggestion may work, not sure in which room but I am considering the option. Now, art wall is a tricky thing to incorporate in a home and if not done correctly it can be an eye sore for sure. Hanging photos of your family along a hallway, in my opinion, does not constitute an art wall. A true art wall is a group of odd size and shape black and white and/or some tasteful color photos stratigically grouped together to create, well, a work of art 🙂 So, for this piece I have included photos of some of my favorite art walls in hopes I will find a way to dupplicate or even create my own style from it. Tell me what you think?

decor – all things powder blue

I wish there was a way we could redecorate our homes with every season because I just can’t seem to get enough of the variations in decorating styles for a home makeover. One choice of color I have always loved and consider the most peaceful is the color powder blue, however incorporating the color throughout an entire house is a bit much in my opinion. For me it would probably be a bedroom or a bathroom and maybe the kitchen in the photograph below. Wow. Anyway, check out the pictures below and let me know what you think or if you have considered the color powder blue in your decor, how did it turn out?

new years eve decoration suggestions

A few things  to remember while hosting  a New Years Eve party are of course,  champagne,  party favors, an array of (silver and gold) decorations, at least for my taste (you can choose your own color theme as you wish)  around the living room and several funky clocks strategically  placed  at the buffet table and fireplace mantle alarmed and ready to go off at midnight. In light of the New Years Eve decoration suggestions, I have included some photos to share. Have fun planning!!!  

new years eve appetizer and dessert ideas

Although there are many parties or events happening around the world, in my opinion, there is nothing more rewarding than celebrating New Year’s Eve with loved ones and  close friends, gathered in someone’s home. What I also like is when everyone is asked to bring a dish for the pot luck style dining. I think this is the only night I find myself munching into the wee hours of the morning (providing I am able to stay up that late anymore). So for this joyous occasion or celebration, I have included some quick appetizer and dessert ideas to consider, just in case you are either hosting a party or are invited to one where you are asked to bring a dish. Above photo: Antipasto sausage skewers, click here for the recipe Above: S’mores.  Recipe:  Graham crackers, chocolate piece, marshmellow and sprinkled with toasted coconut Above: Cupcakes in Fancy cups: Dark Chocolate cupcakes are recommended, white icing and silver or gold hard candy drizzled on top. Above: Various cheese and crackers  and dried fruits displayed on …

inspiration decor – all things glamorous

I figured it was time to stop ranting about the holidays (for a bit) and blog about all things glamorous to shake off some of the holiday stress. The interesting thing about this subject matter, for me, is that although I appreciate the charm of all things glamorous, I tend to shy away from incorporating them throughout my home.  But honestly,  I wouldn’t mind having a glamorous guest bedroom just to escape to once in a while. Anyway, here are some of my favorite photos of all things glamorous, to ponder over. Enjoy and feel free to share with us photos of your favorite glamorous decor.

a few of my favorite holiday decor

I love the fact holiday decor or decorating ideas  have come a long way throughout the years. The suggestion to use  shades of blue and silver or whites throughout the home is most amazing and in a way  esthetically pleasing to the eyes. Seriously, in my opinion, there is nothing better than to come home from the craziness of the outdoors to a lighthearted and airy Christmas decor throughout a home. So, although I may be too late in the month for this entry, nonetheless, I have included a few photos of my favorite holiday decor, which I plan to incorporate throughout my temporary housing  this year 🙂 . Let me know what you think?

breakfast nooks – a san francisco gem

Funny shift in article you might say, considering my thought pattern during the holiday season. But I just had to include a piece on breakfast nooks, because in my opinion, they play a major role during the holiday season. And also because I cannot go very long without discussing interiors and architecture. In San Francisco, almost every home built before 1970, has some sort of a built in breakfast nook. I am not talking about an open space where you can place a table with four chairs (like most modern homes or kitchens have) but a small circular or a corner section in the kitchen area designed specifically for the built in table and seating. I just love them!!! One reason I feel the breakfast nook plays a big role during the holiday season, is that, although it is a small area, most family members spend quiet a lot of time planning and discussing their holiday events to host or attend.  This wonderful little corner is also used for wrapping gifts and filing out Christmas …

anthropologie for the home

By now you might think I work for Anthropologie or perhaps get paid to advertise their products on my blog, but no that is not the case.  I simply appreciate their connection in style to most anything French. With that said, I have found a few pieces in their HOME Decor section which I think are pretty cool and out of the norm. I have detailed them below for your consideration as well,  just in case  you happen to have an eclectic taste like mine. Click here for product description and pricing:

chocolate hues in your home

Chocolate hues in decor can either be a hit or a miss ,if one is not careful while selecting the color to decorate a room. The wrong hue or a combination of chocolate (brown)  shades without accent colors can sometimes drive a person away from the room rather than embrace the environment. I, for one, love the color and while contemplating incorporating it into a friend’s apartment theme, I put together the following photos for her to reflect upon in order to “get it right”. Let me know what you think of using chocolate-brown in decor? Also, if  you have dabbled with the color in your interior decor, please do share your photos or links.