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Boutique Hotel Pick – Le Roch Hotel and Spa – Paris, France

In my opinion all hotels in Paris are boutique, no matter the grandness or the uniqueness or even the simple 2-star rated tucked away in some alleyway unfamiliar to tourists and frequent visitors of the city. I decided this to be the case when I first arrived in the beautiful city over a decade ago and stayed between the Moulin Rouge and Montematre, a street here and there, and then again a year later, each property I chose then had a unique style of their own, charming to say the least, and memorable to say the most. This past March while I returned to Paris, I did a little bit of hotel touring. I guess I was tapping into my travel agent days 🙂 and I discovered this wonderful place, beautifully designed in every detail if you ask me, keeping in line with a Bohemian theme. I simply adore this place.  

Boutique Hotel Pick – Castel Fragsburg – Close to Heaven On Earth

I love the wording on the front page of hotel Castel Fragsburg: The wild romanticism of the South Tyrolean Alps and the sensuous charm of the Mediterranean – the Fragsburg is the meeting point of two seemingly opposite worlds that blend to create an unforgettable style of life. Once I read those words, I was in. I had to click my way to finding what is considered to be as close to heaven on Earth destination wonderfully detailed on the hotel’s website. If you don’t believe me, read on: Nestled on a sun-drenched mountainside high above Merano is South Tyrol’s smallest five-star hotel. Crisp alpine air flows down from above, mingling with the glorious Mediterranean sunshine: This historic hunting lodge combines two apparently incompatible worlds into an art of fine living. And there is much more, you’ll just have to click here to read. To top it off, there are naturally photos which have certainly sealed the deal for me.  Believe me when I say, this one is on my list of luxury destinations bucket …

Boutique Hotel Pick – Hotel Panache – Paris, France

There are those who understand Paris in the same way that I do.  I know you are out there. 🙂  But just in case… For years the hubs had trouble understanding my love for this wonderful city – not so much the romantic aspect of it. But because of the fact, Paris stands for everything  a creative mind needs to feel inspired, and from that infuse, be able to create the most magical of things, tapping into emotions within us that we often times have trouble seeing or not see… intentionally. And so I spend a lot of time in my day, researching for all things Paris that I find inspiring and this time around, I discovered Hotel Panache – the decor alone says it all…  

boutique hotel pick – le boutique hotel – bordeaux, france

Okay, vacation planning is in full swing for me, so while I search for new accommodations to try out, I stumbled upon this wonderful place in one of my favorite places in the world. Bordeaux, France. So, if you happen to be a wine connoisseur like myself, you’d appreciate the location of Le Boutique Hotel in Bordeaux or if you happen to be just looking for a romantic getaway that works too. Have a great weekend!