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Travel: Behind The Scene Stories

When I watch a film or a television series, I always feel the need to know the behind the scene stories. Such as, why the actors chose to portray the role, the budget for the film, whether the story is accurate or simply a made up one, and all other trivia to get well-rounded perspective on the experience. I do the same for travel. I aim to learn as much as I can about an upcoming travel destination, and sometimes just read historical events that have shaped the world.  Like these ones:

Travel: Simple Pleasures – London Bakeries

I do my best to stay away from all things dessert because I do not have an off-switch. But while travelling, I tend to cheat a whole lot.  Recently, I was in England, Cornwall and otherwise, and stopped in a local bakery here and there, so while planning a second trip to England during the holidays, later on this year, I decided to find out where all the good bakeries were in London proper – for, well, you know – winter time comfort food 😉 Dominique Ansel, Kova Patisserie, Bread Ahead, Lily Vanilli, Nordic Bakery, Violet, more… Do you have a favorite bakery recommend?

Around the World – In Soccer That Is

I feel as though the World Cup 2018 snuck up on me this year – I suppose since having been away for a few weeks, I think I’ve lost track of all sorts of events.  But nevertheless, I have established who I want to see win this year – but for the moment I will keep it to myself. So, I figured if you are a fan of soccer or the true football (outside the U.S) that you might enjoy these amazing shots of all things football:

Travel: Calling All Avid Travelers

To start off the new year, I want to first announce the 2018 Raw Silk and Saffron theme to be all topics about travel, with sprinkled here and there posts about other matters. But mostly about travelling and travel and I welcome anyone interested in sharing their travel experience to submit their article for a guest post on Raw Silk and Saffron – where you get to tell us a funny, heartwarming, memorable, unique travel story or experience. The forum is open to anyone over the age of 18 and the submitted article is posted based on review and approval by the Raw Silk and Saffron team. Photographs are encouraged, and credit will be given to the original author and photographer – all right here. So..sign up, and submit. Let’s build a fun community for all things travel. Until then, here are some of the most loved and appreciated travel articles I’ve shared in our travel section: Guide: 1–2–3–4–5–6–7–8–9