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Today’s Mood…

I spend last night staying up and watching Hallmark films plus two episodes of The Crown – and I feel somewhat like… Have you seen The Crown? What is your take, love it or hate it. Is your television set on the Hallmark channel like my geeky self? What are your thoughts about the new year? Do you have a big trip planned for the holidays or next year?

How To’s For A Stress-Free Thanksgiving or Any Dinner Party

There are always first timers – in hosting one of the most important dinner parties in the U.S.  Please note: The rules also apply to other holidays  :). But I found these helpful suggestions and as we know felt the need to share. Check out what got my attention and for the rest of the 15 suggestions – visit here: {featured image source}

Holiday Fashion: Stand Out In Your Style

I totally admire those who stand out tastefully in their fashion sense, mix-matching various blends and patterns to create an outfit that is perfectly defining of their personality. So that’s what I am attempting to do for this holiday season, picking out outfits that define who I am, without creating the wrong kind of buzz at a party or two or three – for work and play. Here’s what I mean:

Lifestyle: Keeping Healthy This Holiday Season

While discussing Thanksgiving with my mother a few days ago, I expressed my concern for keeping the menu healthy enough to continue my efforts to stay on track in my eating habits, which by the way I keep pushing on her, and my extended family. They may hate me now, but will thank me long-term when they see the results for a healthier living. Anyway, if you understand my struggle to keep it healthy this holiday season, here’s some helpful reminders to keep in mind and preach – hahaha – to the rest of your clan.

happy thanksgiving 2014

{photo source} I’ll be taking a long walk on Thanksgiving Day if the weather permits. I’ll have plenty of time since this year my close family members have plans of their own, keeping all of us from getting together – first time in 30 years. I think I need this walk. It’s long overdue. The kind of walk to help me ponder over everything, mostly reflecting. But if I were asked what I am thankful for on this Thanksgiving day, I have to say, I am thankful for my family, thankful we are as healthy as we can be, and as happy as we aimed to be, and that no matter what keeps us apart, we are all striving to better our lives and ourselves…for that I am very grateful.