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Fashion: Smart Styles to Age-Appropriate Looks

I’ve been monitoring Nordstrom’s smart business decisions lately – in aligning themselves with trendy bloggers and fashion icons and creating a pretty amazing shopping ‘frenzy’ I mean experience. 🙂  They have surely come a long way and in this crazy online shopping fad turned to the way of life, they have learned how to stay competitive. I applaud your drive Nordstrom. Okay, off the finance-box and up on the fashion one – here are a few pieces I’ve come to admire and click-to-buy quickly BECAUSE by the time I make a firm decision, whether I should or not – the items show  SOLD OUT. Yes I would – in white, black or checkered from Something Navy – but hurry…  

Fashion: Coats and Jackets

Since we don’t really have a proper summer in San Francisco, it is very easy for the locals to shop for coats over the season and even wear them in the middle of October. Just this morning, two women were bundled up with gloves on and hoods tightly framing their faces. I get it, but I try to fight the urge to cloak myself just as well. So for the urge to wear a coat or simply shop for one – I have to say these are currently on my radar:  

Fashion: Met Gala 2018

Just in case you are not familiar with the Met Gala – here’s the background. And if you are familiar with the event, you are aware that this year’s theme was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” So in light of the topic, I have included some of my favorite theme fashion at this year’s event.