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I Don’t Just Promote My Novel…

There are so many books out there I want to read, and for 2016, I have added my favorites (below) which I plan to read while travelling. Because the rest of the time, or in between travels,  I am going to be  releasing  (mid-Spring) and promoting  novel 3  and completing the first draft for novel 4 by year-end. The list of 2016 books to watch for written by women authors according to Bazaar Magazine is here. And my picks are as follows: This is of course in addition to my own novel here.  

travel: how I travel through france

I’ve been to France, mostly Paris, a dozen or more times, and every time I announce my plans to go, those who know me simply nod, unable to fathom the obsession I have with the country. It doesn’t matter, I am aware that only some of us understand Paris. How I travel through France is easy. I do it mostly by train, and I alternate the cities or towns I plan to visit each year, making Paris always my last stop for a week or so to simply take it all in. I walk through the neighborhoods, stopping only at a cafe here and there to rest, and people watch. I picnic by the Seine River, I sunbathe seated on a chair in Luxembourg Gardens, and I watch the sun set by the Eifel Tower. Never once skipping on visiting several old bookstores, and thumbing through books I know I would never find here in the states.  That’s all in Paris. I’ve also circled the country from one end to the other, visiting castles, wineries, museums, war memorials, …

january 2014 – thirty day recap

I  told myself I’d recap each month to see how much progress I’ve made with my goals and to strive for more in the upcoming month.  This may sound a bit too-driven for some, but it’s the only way, the older I get, the more I get the things I want done. So for January: Adopted  healthy eating and a weekly exercise routine. I’ve focused more on healthy thinking and a positive outlook. I’ve allowed myself to be photographed eight times in January, I’ll pop my photos on my blog, here and there. I’ve signed up with a marketing plan, online promoting, book signing and committed to paperback printing  for my first novel- all in the Month of January. I’ve signed on to and have picked up watching The Carrie Diaries just to stay in touch with my youth. Have you achieved your goals so far? Do share.

published author – now what?

2014 started out with me in a panicked mode, thinking very much about what I want to accomplish in the new year. Although the list is long and I am practically booked with many activities through June, I realize the most important accomplishment for me in the new year is to promote my first novel. There are lots to be done, marketing and advertising, connecting and networking. A book doesn’t become an overnight success by itself and I need to stay focused to make my dream come true. In the meantime, if you love e-books, then click Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Kobo, iBookstore, Gardners UK, and many more and consider my favorite novel 🙂 Piazza Navona. If you aren’t e-book savvy, then send me an email at so I can let you know when the paperback version would be available.  

e-book gift idea for the woman in your life

I am happy to announce, my first novel, Piazza Navona (the correct version) is finally available in e-book. I had trouble with the 1st edition, being that is was the incorrect one uploaded through the distribution company. But now, edition 2 is the final copy and available right now. The book is an ideal gift for any woman over 30, you are considering buying an e-book for or the first download for  their first e-book reading gadget you plan to gift. I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Click on the photo to be redirected.

my first novel – piazza navona

I hesitated posting a blog entry today, which I do on occasion, while thinking about the topic and then I walked into my office this morning to discover that my first novel hit Amazon Kindle  and is in queue to become available through other e-book means: iBookstore, Sony, Barnes and Nobles, Kobo, Copia, Gardners, Page Pushers and more. My first reaction of course was that I was shocked and happy and then immediately got embarrassed for the fact, people I knew were going to read my book. 🙂 Strange, very scary and at the same time invigorating. I am proud. Very happy and a little emotional. Whatever this book does in sales, I have one thing to say. I achieved a goal I set for myself and fulfilled a dream. Now I can smile every single day, for the rest of my life.    

danville california day trip

I do step away from San Francisco mostly in the fall months. I suppose I gravitate to smaller towns, just because I crave during this time of the year the good old-fashioned way of living, which really doesn’t exist in San Francisco.  You know, family friendly neighborhoods,  picket fences, colorful trees, a small half a mile long street considered a down town. No major chain stores and the best part an actual neighborhood bookstore, where you can walk in and quietly look over the shelves for that perfect novel to read. I chose going to Danville over this weekend, because of the Danville Fall Festival and I insisted that mother tag along. She fought me at first, being too tired and all, but I insisted and we went to spend a relaxing day being simply simple in the countryside. I couldn’t ask for a better day.  

a view from a san francisco native

As promised :), well mostly to myself, I would share my Memorial Day weekend spent in San Francisco (for the first time in a long while since we always leave town) details with you. I must admit it wasn’t bad at all to stay local: Day 1: Breakfast in Sausalito, Drive to Napa, Snapping photos while my other half drove  ;), Stopped at my favorite winery here. Spent the entire day picnic-ing, discussing life over a few glasses of wine, napping under a lemon tree, then as promised having my first barbecue dinner of the “Summer” season. Day 2: Spent the entire day celebrating the Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary. Ate non stop from every food vendor/booth there was at the event, napped after a long walk along the coast. Listened to various bands perform live along the Marina and although it was freezing cold, we watched the fireworks no less. It was most memorable to say the least, and the most fun to say the most, well that is for us San Francisco natives. …