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Travel Series – Reinstated

When I initially started this blog, it was simply to share all things travel. However, as we all know, 2020 put an unpredictable pause on the best form of escapism mankind has ever known.

Fast forward to the present, and I am happy to report that the RS&S travel series is back, not just due to popular demand, but also to keep my head in the clouds while I navigate through some challenging times.

Here’s how I escape during a distressing situation:

Exploring the small villages perched along the shores of the Greek islands.

Photo by Taylor Marx on Pexels.com

Discovering Ireland one castle at a time

Photo by Mario Gu00f3mez on Pexels.com

Spending hours in a Parisian cafe with breathtaking views

Photo by Mathias Reding on Pexels.com

Paying homage to Piazza Navona (Rome) for inspiring me to write my first novel

Photo by shutter_speed on Pexels.com

Switzerland…need I say more

Photo by Chris Czermak on Pexels.com

How do you escape?

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