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Financial Strategy for 2022

I had a conversation with my financial planner last week…well technically last year…about my portfolio. His main concern – whether I was on track or whatever track I saw myself in the coming decade.

I took a deep breath and slowly released because I did not want him to sense how uneasy I felt about discussing money, future, and outlook – all in one go.

So we treaded lightly on the subject. I asked for his opinion on the market, bitcoin and the likes, the economy, the pandemic and all other natural and man made disasters or threats.

I could sense him hesitating not to offend, not to say too much and try his best to remain optimistic over the hour telephone conversation.

So at the top of the hour, where he mentioned he needed to call his next client, we ended by me agreeing to think about my investment strategy, and him emailing me some materials to read and muddle through, to settle on the choices I wanted to make for 2022.

I put the topic on pause, and continued with the brioche I intended to bake that morning for the clan heading to my house for brunch.

A few days later-a new year-while I aimed to recategorize the topics I want to share on RS&S in a post-pandemic environment, I came across 6 Brilliant Ways to Build Wealth After 40 and thought. Why not share…you know…just in case you happen to be sitting on the same fence as myself about financial planning in our current state of being.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Have you considered remapping your financial portfolio? And if so, any opinions you wish to share?

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