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Streaming Recommends – Part One

I hate to admit, I did not follow the Olympics this go. Nor Soccer, football to most. My heart was just not in it. So I continued my usual streaming alternatives from Amazon, to Neflix, Hulu and more and here’s my first list of film recommends:

Funny and engaging. One of the best comedy films I’ve seen in a while.
Action Recommend and thank you Idris Elba for just being you
The cast, or simply Rossy De Palma is worth every scene.
Did I say – Thank you Idris Elba? One on the edge of your seat sort of well written and acted film. Just don’t bring the kids to your in-home theatre.
British film, great story, and a pleasure seeing the other side of funny man Rhys Ifans from Notting Hill

More on film recommends next week. Meanwhile what films do you recommend?

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