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Food: Easter Dinner

I am sure this may sound a bit cliché but throughout my life, I have experienced the best Mediterranean cuisine one can possibly imagine From my grandmother, to my mother, aunts and even a cousin who studied at Cordon Bleu in Paris. The meals, although the same staple, were served with a variety of flavors, spices and methods , depending on what part of the region one was from.

What I do now in my own cooking is I combine all of the flavors and styles to create my own variation. I have to say it’s been surprisingly amazing.

So what does my story have to do with Easter Dinner? Well it has lots to do with it. Lamb is the choice for the feast, rack of lamb, shredded or minced into a variety of dishes I will discuss in another post, we served it, along with a side dish or two. Nothing fancy, but very flavorful. I always say the best meals are the simple ones and those prepared at home.

recipe here
recipe here
recipe here
The other surprise was Cacio de Pepe pie which my cousin baked years back – before he passed away – for every family Easter dinner. Since I didn’t like the taste of lamb, I usually stuck to this treat. Recipe here
And finally for this year’s Easter dinner, I am going to switch the usual Greek salad for this variation – with ZAATAR – another Mediterranean staple. Recipe here

So tell me…what are you preparing for Easter dinner?

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