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A co-worker of mine tucked away in a far far away place – somewhere in the northern hemisphere asked if I were celebrating Thanksgiving with family this year.

Sure, I said, with my every day family. I’m cooking as usual, but not the traditional turkey, which for years, I’ve mentioned not a popular bird in our home. So chicken it will be, plus all the trimmings I don’t mind making enough for leftovers. Because you see the week after thanksgiving will be the busiest week at my day job.

Miso Butter Roast Chicken with Acorn Squash Panzanella from this amazing source

and oh before I forget – check out this handy guide to finding just about any recipe – Thanksgiving or not.

For the love of cranberry sauce, in my case, all year around if I could, here’s a solid how-to
Yes please to pear tart – easy apparently to make according to this recipe
Lemony cranberry pie – has lifted my curiosity to a whole new level
Who says the side dish could not be the main dish? or the focal point as we all know that it is
Choose your spirit from this list of 87 options
and a few for the non-drinkers of booze and sorts – they will appreciate your efforts for sure for thinking of them

What are you doing this thanksgiving? Will you be travelling to family, staying home, or not even considering the holiday for any number of reasons?


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