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Visual Therapy This November Morning

Last night, I said goodnight to the full moon, and set my clock back and turned in. This morning, I woke up to a new month, a new time, and watched the same glistening moon against the graceful skies, slowly lapsing into another time zone.

I felt sad for some strange reason. I normally feel this way at the beginning of November, knowing there is just two months to the end of a year – and what a year it has been. Not the best I must admit, but we can only hope that the future is brighter, for as long as we do our part to live peacefully, in a dignified fashion. That is the key…

So for today, I want to share what I call visual therapy – in hopes to contain the amount of anxiety looming across the globe:

Travel Destinations for November To Consider
Just a bouquet you say? Source
Best cottage imaginable for one who needs to get away – source
I’d wash dishes by hand all day and every day – source
How I’d stage my Thanksgiving Dinner Party- if it weren’t 2020 – source
Oh take me with you – where ever you may be going is sometimes better than here – source

Featured image source is the ideal life I imagine for myself

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