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Interesting Articles From Around The World

I woke up this morning feeling hopeful that I didn’t have to sit in darkness all day while I worked – along with many others around California and other parts of the world on fire currently.  Yet I stayed in bed for a while, thinking about how to proceed with my day.  Meaning, I have many projects to muddle through – work and my three novels currently in revision and edits –  and I am trying to figure out – in what order.

Then I thumbed through Instagram, which I normally do and then did a bit of coloring on a paint by numbers app on my phone – all while thinking and pondering and contemplating about the future of social media, this platform and others having us tied to our cell phones as if our life depended on it – and well – it actually does.

And this happened:

I QUIT TWITTER and Instagram in May, in the same manner I leave parties: abruptly, silently, and much later than would have been healthy (read more)

Which then led to this interesting take: 

Things have not kept going as before, and it seems increasingly doubtful that they ever will again. (read more)

But I couldn’t get enough – so I dove an article on what makes a good person:  

What makes a good person? (read more)

And noticed this one from a transplant about California and global warming…

My newly adopted home state is on fire again: Scorching heat and lightning strikes have sparked dozens of fires across California, burning an area the size of Rhode Island…(read more)

And finally, the history of why we hoard – I have wondered about for decades is explained…

Whether collecting, storing or hoarding, we’ve always had our issues with stuff – not least deciding what’s worth having…(read more)

I’d love to strike up a conversation about any of the topics, feel free to express your views.

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