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Start to A New Week

We are nearly two weeks away from Fall, which marks the beginning of San Francisco’s summer-ish, referred to as Indian Summer, season. Which I am excited about – I love fall and the idea of warmer temperatures ahead.  Although this past weekend soared well over 90’s at the coast and 100 plus inland.  Which I am sure some of you  experiencing hotter temperatures, are chuckling at my enthusiasm. But I am a San Franciscan, and we get very excited about seeing sun at the coast.

Besides the weather, there was much smoke, new fires, harsher conditions, in terms of being able to breathe through the haze, and smoke with a mask on while outdoors.

I am curious, how is it in your part of the world right now? Bearable, tolerable, laxed?  Are you looking forward to fall? With thoughts about the holidays – which definitely will be different this year. I wonder if anyone is still buying clothes for work? How about for the holidays, what will the retailers do about evening gowns, and party dresses this year?

Lots going through my mind, and I am sure yours as well.  But I tried my best to unwind by spending some time outdoors, in particular along the coast, stayed put at Baker Beach to avoid struggle-breathing through a seven mile walk across the city or anywhere else around the bay area with fires and smoke all around. Many places are closed anyway right now due to the fires, so there is the feeling the world is becoming smaller by the day.

I was thinking all last week about topics to share that wouldn’t come across insensitive based on the current events around the globe and I have to admit, I had a difficult time coming up with anything. So I stayed quiet.  But then I thought, sharing lighter topics here is part of the healing process for all of us. To keep our emotional health in check. A bit of distraction is very necessary.  Don’t you think?

So here we go:

I adore this set up – for garden growers, and indoor plant connoisseurs – it’s a lovely spot in the garage to nurture your craft

Get your bedroom ready for fall is an idea to transition the mind and body for the coziest of seasons


If in Colorado, or near the state, consider Estes Park – which is now on my bucket list of road travels hopefully in 2021


What is better than settling onto an armchair and reading – this list offers up a list of books to read for Fall 2020

And my favorite, closet cleaning – which I’ve been considering for a few weeks now, every time I pass by my walk in – I contemplate downsizing. If you haven’t a clue where to start, then click here for some guidelines to consider

What project are you undertaking for this fall?

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