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Interesting Topics For The Week

I know we are all busy, too busy juggling life, family, back to school and other important milestones. But sometimes it is good to hit that pause button and just get lost in the otherwise…

Dying to tackle this flourless chocolate cake recipe from here

If you could go back in time – to a high school dance, what would you wear. Naturally, this one is my pick 🙂

How fancy do you plan to create for your baby’s room?

fancy fashion I am currently missing – with no where to go

Glamorous in decor – I am swooning over right now

This article about a classic Hollywood star is endearing

This one about a time-capuled town on the verge of revive after 50 years of desolation.

And if you’ve ever wanted a home in the French countryside, you might want to read this article.

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