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Weekend Wrap and Mood For The Week

Welcome back everyone and I hope you had a nice weekend. I would love to hear all about it if you care to share. Otherwise, I am glad you have you back here, humoring me a bit with my this and that thoughts I share sometimes planned and other times on a whim.

While I walked over 7 miles each day, I spent the time contemplating so many things – out loud to my walking partner and some inside my head. Thoughts like…

What makes people so angry in life that they need to lash out one way or another?

Wondering how much longer can small businesses sustain under this new lifestyle?

Would you shop for work clothes, if you knew you might never be able to return to an actual office?

Would you travel across the country and visit with family and friends, when the pandemic is still not contained in the U.S.?

Is hate a type of mental disorder? Or hate is needed to fuel humankind to succeed?

Will I ever want to travel again? This one is a loaded question for me anyway. Not sure how you feel about it.

On Saturday early morning – there was some sun peeking through the dense fog, so I bolted out of my bed, and straight to Golden Gate park to walk to Stow Lake, and appreciate all that nature has to offer. Walking at dawn is the best feeling anyone can hope for. It offers up clarity and much needed zen. Of course capturing photos of spots similar to places I have vacationed also help my mood:

aching for Hawaii, so I found it in Golden Gate park – waterfall in Stowe Lake
We climbed the side of the waterfall, and looked down at Stowe Lake
This view is as Hawaii as can be or South America – like – it did the trick
Never seen this view of a church in my neighborhood before – it is magnificant to say the least

On Sunday, we left town again, in me wanting to try and walk the Napa Vine Trail – which is a 45 mile trail from Solano county to Calistoga – but we stopped midway in Yountville, and explored that area for now – while planning a four day trip in the future to walk the entire 45 miles – we calculated, if we walked 10 miles a day, and spend a night in Napa, Yountville, and some small hotel embedded along highway 29, we could make it to Calistoga in time for a nice spa day and then head back or take a bus to get us back to our car which would be parked in Napa downtown. Do you think it can be done? Would you do it?

This is part of the trail near Yountville, California
of course reading the rules is always a great idea
And so we began in one direction
Taking in the sites to the sound of crickets and birds and some stranger things within the bushes
Some reminders of the English countryside were spotted
And Italian or French – through Yountville
A reminder of an archway in Nice leading to a dozen outdoor restaurants

all in all a perfect weekend – with perfect adventures, clear mind, body and soul – very recharged for the week ahead.

Thank you for your time 🙂

{featured images by yours truly}

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