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Food: Homemade Ready Meals

I’m not a fan of cooking a batch of something and then freezing a portion for another day. But I do know folks that brag about the technique. So if you are curious, here’s some options to consider stocking up in your freezer for a ready meal. Maybe I’ll test it out the next time or when I can solo travel, with my family meals prepped and ready for their dining pleasure 🙂

Featured image full credit. For the complete list of meals go here 


      • We are, and I’m hoping the same for you and yours. Trying times, it’s mostly difficult for the teenagers since so much of their lives is social interaction.

      • It sure is all around. Trying to stay positive as possible and have faith in all humanity…

      • Such a distressing week in the middle of what was already upsetting. I have to have faith that this will right itself, but I’m searching for ways to make a difference myself.

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