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Food: Some Ideas To Share for The Foodie At Heart

I dabble in cooking, and some baking-only when it doesn’t require too much work. But mostly cooking, while always cooking for new recipes to make the meals exciting. Although, my mother last night told me, she doesn’t want me to buy chicken, or beef, or make pasta anymore, when I asked her for her grocery list. So I asked what would you like to eat? She said, something with chicken and I batted my eyes in confusion.

Anyway, so while searching for different takes on the same old, I came across some helpful topics to share:

A 2-Ingredient Marinade for Never-Dry Chicken Breasts is good to know

Twenty minute meals for when you don’t feel like cooking

Garlic 101 – for anyone who loves the veggie as much as I do

I’ve always wondered about vegetable oil substitude

How to keep your flowers fresh

Featured images and article full credit here

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