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Food: Vegetarian Dinner Ideas For That Get Together Or A Party of One

A friend asked me what I’d be giving up for lent this year and I said – same as every year – meat. Which is what my family’s done for generations. But with that sacrifice, one must be creative in serving up mostly vegetarian dishes in a household addicted to meat. So, I went searching online for ideas and lucky for me and perhaps even for you this suggestion popped up – 117 vegetarian dinner ideas for a party – which could very well mean a party of one or two just as well 😉

Cacio-e-pepe spaghetti – is a whole lot of cheese pasta dish I am adding to my rotation for 40 days of fasting


Grilled cheese tacos – why didn’t I think of that – considering how much cheese stuffed in soft taco I eat

Green bean Nicoise salad of course

Wild Mushroom Ragu cheesy Polenta

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