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In England For A Couple of Weeks

Although in England for business for two weeks, I am also hoping to get a chance to play tourist in a country I consider my second home for so many reasons. But in case I don’t get a chance to see outside of a working environment, and report back on whatever discoveries I’ve made along the way, I promise I will stay in touch.

My favorite reference this week  “you’re either in or you are out.”

I wonder if I’ll have a chance to visit some of the best restaurants in London from this list

Or a bar or two or three from the best bars in London 2020

U.K. best festivals for 2020 – I’ve emailed to family living in England, hoping to experience some of them

Sustainable is the word for 2020 – and so are these shops in London to add to your list, in case you plan a trip out this way.


Finally, Love this article about – How to Sustainable Travel in 2020

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