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A Slow Start in January But Let’s Recap First

I’ve been dragging my feet in getting back into the swing of things in much of everything defining my life. But I know I am not alone in this – you know the holiday withdrawals and all. And frankly today is the first day I returned back to work and figured we need to catch up.

First of all, I hope your holidays were just as you had expected and the plans you’ve laid out for 2020 are set in motion, and ready to unfold just as you hope.  Me too. 🙂

Here’s a recap of some of the things I experienced and naturally wish to share here. In between the holidays, which did not include me shopping like a mad woman for gifts for anyone. Since somehow I decided there would be no gift exchange with family. Instead, I opted to do the traditional things with them. Like cooking, baking, talking, spending quality time walking through the city, hours in cafes and being mostly outdoors. And I have to say, it felt wonderful to not have the pressure of gift exchange.

I finished reading three books – which I started months ago, alternating the stories. I Miss You When I Blink, Fifty Things That Aren’t My FaultAmerican Royals.

In line with books, I completed my third novel – which is in its final edit and should hopefully be out by February for your reading pleasure. I can’t believe I started this story in 2015? Where does time go?

Also, I saw two films I highly recommend – Knives Out, and 1917. Both films were nominated for the Golden Globes this year – rightfully so. The movies are worth your time, if you haven’t seen them: Knives Out is a wonderfully crafted story with the most ideal cast adding to the twists and turns of a murder mystery. Which technically was solved in the first ten minutes of the film. But we didn’t care about that. Because the next 97 minutes or so was dedicated to how the mystery unfolded. Which in itself was a treat.

I had mixed feelings about 1917, but opted to see it since Sam Mendes was behind the project. If you are a movie buff such as myself, it makes a world of difference, who produced, or directed or wrote a  screenplay when choosing a film to watch. The fact, I appreciate historical films, also led me to reserve a seat at the theater, and eagerly experience a piece of history – in this case, a fabrication of other true events which had unfolded during WWI. Mendes, dedicating the film to his grandfather, who served in the war, decided to combine stories his grandfather told him, into a film. There is action, like most of Mendes’ films, great cinematography, and war scenes as expected – and although the film had it’s valleys more so than peaks  in terms of ‘edge of seat’ action, the story was worth seeing, and appreciating just as it was told.

Side note: Love the breakout actors Dean-Charles Chapman and George MacKay in 1917, who I am hopeful we will see more of in future U.S. films.

There was the Golden Globes, which I used to make an effort to take a trip down to Los Angeles every year, to be near the red carpet action. But lately I’ve decided to watch the show from the comfort of my home – mostly for the fashion now a days, rather than listening to actors who in their acceptance speech, spend time expressing their opinions about the entertainment industry outdated standards, and political views, and jabbing at whoever is in the office – no matter which term,  at everything not in line with their beliefs, taking away from the entertainment of the show. With that clarified, I share some of my favorite fashion, from the red carpet. For the rest go here:

Most Effortlessly Chic: Zoë Kravitz in Saint Laurent

Ana de Armas in Ralph and Russo

Safe and elegant – Jennifer Aniston

Rachel Weisz in Tom Ford – effortlessly chic

January is time to redesign Raw Silk and Saffron and hopefully add more contents and features. In addition, hoping to welcome guest bloggers to add their own take on certain topics, which I will announce shortly. So, stay tuned, stay connected, and keep on keeping on.


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