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Holiday Series: Giving Back

A few films I’ve watched recently which were in line with exactly how I’ve been feeling this holiday season – helpless in so many ways, and wishing there was more I could do. I am even considering working with a worthy cause in 2020, to help save endangered species or something environmental.  I just need to determine which path to choose. In the meantime, I’ve stumbled upon some suggestion on giving back this holiday season and beyond, and wanted to share in case you’re wondering which new year resolution to consider?

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Volunteering abroad programs – just in case you are considering doing so

The Films That Got Me Thinking This holiday season

The Two Popes on Netflix is a worthy film to see – no matter your faith, , the story of religious leaders struggling to find a medium ground to reform, in order to survive in this ever changing world is interesting, eye opening, story very well told and filmed

Holiday In The Wild – Netflix – is the story about one women attempting to find her self on an African holiday after her husband of 20 years had left her. Instead of self-pitying, she embarks on saving elephants from poachers and finds her calling. Imagine the possibilities, if you happen to be struggling with self worth or purpose.

The film Heaven Sent shocked all of my senses into thinking how fortunate I am even with all the struggles in life we happen to face on a daily basis and set me in a way of thinking about how I want to approach the new year. Consider the film, I highly recommend it

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