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Holiday Series: Thanksgiving Appetizers

Normally my appetizer set-up trumps the actual ‘non-turkey’ oh alright, a sliver of turkey dinner.  The reason for that is, most folks arrive at my doorstep very hungry, and very thirsty for a cocktail, so the ritual begins, munching away at appetizers while cocktailing.  So by the time dinner rolls around, folks are too full to indulge. I haven’t yet figured out how best to settle this matter except perhaps try an array of light appetizers. But that doesn’t mean I won’t share some of the appetizers that are making their way to my list for this year’s dinner gathering.

Brie or any other kind of firm cheese and cranberry marmalade of sorts

broccoli and garlic ricotta toast with hot honey – oh yum.

Fig with bacon and chili – need I say more

Tajin seasoned vegetable spread – is light enough to encourage living room for the main course

best yet- cheesy sesame phyllo dough bites

Smoky eggplant dip – a staple in our Mediterranean kitchen

For the rest of of the 123 recipes which by the way are great suggestions for any parties, including Christmas, or New Years, go here


And how to host Thanksgiving or any party without the stress – although I welcome the stress – it is invigorating I think


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