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Lifestyle: How to Boost Your Mood

Mostly in the winter we tend to feel not the best version of ourselves. Blame it on the shorter days, the dreary weather outside, the chill factor, the heavy downpours, the aches and pains that come creeping up when you get out of bed, not to mention feeling unmotivated to do much of anything, including exercise.

So to ward off those feelings until the first sign of spring – consider these cool suggestions... and what I normally do to make it through the winter months.

  • Get more light– sit by the window facing east, or west if possible and read for an hour or so
  • wake up to dawn – something I do religiously, helps welcome in the day
  • redecorate in brighter colors is my idea of snapping out of a funky mood
  • exercise – my suggestion a couple of laps in an indoor pool if you are missing a summer activity
  • watch what you eat – if comfort food is all you crave, make soup. switch up carbs for plant-based staples, eat dark chocolate for every time you crave that slice of pie and cookies.
  • be kind to yourself – I say still get pedicures, and try a new hair color, and if talking about your feelings is difficult, try writing them down. Invest in a self-discovery journal,  I promise you won’t regret it

Love to hear how you boost your mood during the winter months? 

in a famous tourist region, called “Allgäu”

{featured image source and inspiration for this post}


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