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Interesting Finds From Around the World

This week has been a bit off, thinking today is Wednesday, when it is really Thursday. Not to mention the fact, the days are getting shorter and in San Francisco too gloomy for this time of the year. But, we strive on, and shift our focus on the positive or fun facts to keep us going throughout the day and well into the weekend and for that, I am aiming to divert your attention to some interesting finds from around the world:

First up – the gorgeous whether new or not hair color I adore on the Duchess of Cambridge while taking her children to first day of school

It’s not to early to plan your Christmas holiday for this year – abroad or somewhere local, sometimes it’s a great idea to spend the holidays away from home

The white in shirts is back in style and one I’ve already incorporated into my fashion for Fall and even beyond.

This is the perfect time of the year to consider a museum visit and here is the list of some amazing ones from around the world

The remotest of destinations if your aching for some quality time on your own or with a loved one

Recently I’ve started to watch Workin’ Moms on Netflis – have you seen the show?

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