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Food: Lime, Cilantro and Salmon

I’ve been testing out plant based diet – or way of eating and so far, it’s been challenging. What sucks is that the second we are aware of something changing, we become obsessed with all the bad associated with it. In this case, I am having withdrawals for mostly salmon. Not so much beef, or chicken, but for sure salmon. Yesterday, I had my first scrambled eggs, by accident, since I was in a place which offered nothing plant-based for breakfast yesterday, and I had to default to eggs. But that’s okay, I am well disciplined in life and will bounce back to plant-based approach.  And make the following dish for dinner tonight – no rice of course.



  • 1 mango, diced
  • 1 jalapeńo, seeded and chopped
  • juice and zest from 1 lime {more}

On another note, who is your celebrity crush? 🙂  – 

openly crushing on GB for decades

Secretly  crushing on Chris O’Dowd for A decade

I guess you might say I have a thing for Irish Men (did you know GB’s family comes from Ireland), or those with beards and blue/green eyes or just tall, or handsome, or…it could be a number of things 🙂 Did I make you smile? Have a great Tuesday!

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