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Lifestyle: Figuring Out If You Are Happy

Feeling philosophical lately – so please bear with me.

In the American Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson incorporated a statement borrowed from Locke’s pursuit of happiness and made it people”s inalienable right: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  This is what the American dream is based upon and those entering this great land do so welcoming the  ideology.

But does happiness really matter? In a series of new studies led by psychologist Iris Mauss, the more value people placed on happiness, the less happy they becameThis was part of the sermon on Sunday, something I have questioned for a while now – is happiness truly something we need to aim for and measure our entire existence upon to achieving ‘whatever we consider to be happiness.’  Or is content the right way of thinking?

The Father speaking to his congregation attempted to explain that happiness should not be something we search for but rather, finding contentment by seeing all the good in our lives, should lead to a tranquil and peaceful existence and that should be our aim.

Do you believe in the pursuit of happiness or finding contentment? 

Do you agree that the more value we put on happiness, the harder it becomes to achieve it? 

Do you spend time trying to figure out of you are happy? And if not, what do you consider would be the path to your happiness? 

Do you ever see an abandoned in a location  and wonder what could have been or what was?  Like these amazing places…can you picture the stories:

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